VCU Massey Cancer Center


Cancer Research Retreat

The next retreat will be held in June 7, 2019 - Stay tuned for details on abstracts and poster submissions!

Questions? Please contact:

Olivia Patterson, MAOL
Research Programs Coordinator
VCU Massey Cancer Center 
Office: (804) 628-3400


2018 Winners:

1st Place - Janina A. Vaitkus - "White adipose tissue browning in breast cancer is not directly mediated by the tumor cell secretome"

2nd Place - Nicholas M. Clark - "Regulatory t cells promote breast carcinogenesis by suppressing interferon gamma signaling in bone marrow-derived tumor associated macrophages"

3rd Place - Michael R. Evans - "Does downregulation of U-ISGF3 function in oral keratinocytes promote the HPV16 life cycle?"