VCU Massey Cancer Center


Services and rates

Instrument Time

Per the member subsidy program, Massey members pay 75 percent of the rates for instrument time.


  • Rigaku Diffractometer - first 4 hours of use per day (no partial hours), hour, $25
  • Rigaku Diffractometer facility setup - per service $75


  • Bruker 700 NMR - first 15 hours of use per day (no partial hours), hour,$8
  • Bruker facility setup - per service $12

Massey member subsidy program

Massey subsidizes 25 percent of the cost for member laboratory usage for the following Massey-supported, fee-for-service shared resources:

  • Biological Macromolecule Shared Resource Core
  • Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Core
  • Structural Biology Shared Resource Core
  • Tissue and Data Acquisition and Analysis Core
  • Transgenic/Knock-out Mouse Facility

To receive this member benefit, please initiate core lab services using a VCU index code associated with your name. When you are billed for core laboratory usage, the CORES system will automatically split the invoice between your index code and a Massey account established for this purpose. You will be charged 75 percent of the published rate and VCU Massey will provide a 25 percent co-pay to cover the balance.

Please direct any questions or concerns about the member subsidy benefit to Paul Fawcett, Ph.D. at or (804) 833-1959.