VCU Massey Cancer Center


Building operations


The mission of the Office of Building Operations is to provide and maintain the physical space and equipment required to support VCU Massey Cancer Center’s research members and research, clinical and administrative staff in conducting world-class cancer research and offering top-notch cancer care. Our services range from ordering and stocking office and hardware supplies, furniture and medical gasses to maintaining fleet and facilities, providing building access and receiving and distributing mail and shipped goods. In partnership with the VCU Facilities Management Division, we work to keep our facilities operating properly, paying particular attention to the research laboratories by inspecting the autoclave and glass washing rooms and repairing or replacing shared equipment and supplies as needed.

Direct your service requests to: Requests will be responded to in a timely manner.

Office of Building Operations

Massey Cancer Center (MCC) building room – first floor

  • Tonie M. Ellerson
    Director of information technology services, interim director of operations
    (804) 628-2347
  • Donnell Brown
    Operations specialist
    (804) 517-3755
  • Jessi Kidd
    Operations specialist
    (804) 298-6604