VCU Massey Cancer Center



VCU Massey Cancer Center strives to provide outstanding administrative management, fiscal oversight, and business services that support our director, Dr. Gordon Ginder, and the center’s associate directors, research program leaders, shared resource directors, and research members to achieve our overall research mission.

The administrative team provides the following services:

  • Analytic services: Provide data and advise how that data can be used to answer research, operational, and administrative questions
  • Building operations: Manage facilities, shared equipment and space, and equipment inventory 
  • Finance and procurement: Accounting, purchasing, and financial reporting
  • Communications and public relations: Develop and execute integrated internal and external mass communications, public relations, marketing and branding
  • General administration: Provide general administrative support for the director and senior leaders; administer personnel and faculty recruitment; and plan leadership meetings, research seminars, and scientific retreats and poster sessions
  • Research administration: Providing pre-award research administration assistance, proposal development, post-award administration, research budgeting and accounting services; manage research membership and maintain membership records; develop research protocols; prepare scientific manuscripts; and oversee shared resources
  • Information technology: Implement, maintain, upgrade and support information technology

The administrative team is led by:

  • Michelle Lin, M.B.A.
    Associate director for administration
    (804) 628-2685
  • Kevin Hogan, Ph.D.
    Senior director of research administration 
    (804) 628-4915
  • Kristen Lynch
    Director of finance and administration
    (804) 828-5104
  • Jenny Owen
    Director of public relations and marketing communications
    (804) 628-2111