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Radiation Oncology Research and Education Fund

As a relatively small discipline, the field of Radiation Oncology has always been at a disadvantage in competing for support for our teaching and research missions. This is particularly true today. The ever-shrinking federal funding pie devotes less than 5% of National Cancer Institute expenditures to Radiation Oncology research, despite knowing more than 50% of cancer patients will receive radiation at some point in the course of their disease. Radiation remains the most effected targeted therapy in existence.

As you know, the ongoing D.C. wrangling jeopardizes graduate medical education as well, but here on the MCV Campus we remain committed to training the next generation of Radiation Oncologists and to carrying out cutting edge cancer research. I am proud to say that we are counted among the country’s stronger programs. VCU attracts bright, well-prepared students into our training programs, and our faculty distinguish themselves in the field. Our faculty and trainees had 15 oral or poster presentations at the 2014 ASTRO meeting in San Francisco and our residency program just received 162 applications for 2 positions!

We must find a way to offer them the opportunities they deserve to advance their work and take it to the next level. To do so, we need your help.

Please donate to the Radiation Oncology Research and Education Fund. The money contributed to this fund is for the exclusive use of our department and will fund such important activities as: pilot research by residents and faculty whose promising data could lead to new grant submissions; travel by our residents, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to national meetings where they’ve been invited to present research findings; and to bring distinguished professors to campus to broaden the horizons of our residents and trainees.

We ask you to please help our Department continue its tradition of excellence in teaching and research. Please donate online or make checks payable to the MCV Foundation. The mailing address is:

MCV Foundation
1228 E. Broad Street
P. O. Box 980234
Richmond, VA 23298-0234

The future of our specialty depends on a strong commitment to young Radiation Oncologists and to their pursuit of biomedical advances.