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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Medical physics graduate and post-graduate programs

Together with the Departments of Physics and Radiology, the Department of Radiation Oncology developed Master's and Ph.D. programs in medical physics. Faculty from the Department of Physics provide students with a solid foundation in fundamental physics. Participating faculty from the Department of Radiology provide didactic and research training in the physics of medical imaging modalities. Faculty from Radiation Oncology provide didactic, clinical and research training in radiation dosimetry and advanced radiation therapy techniques. Students also receive advanced didactic training in radiation biology from leading experts in the field, as well as advanced practical training in health physics.

The Master of Science degree program is designed to ensure that students receive the proper didactic and clinical training so that they will be suited to work as clinical medical physicists. The doctoral degree program is designed to train future medical physics researchers who, in addition to understand the basic principles of medical physics, can independently develop and assess new technology, critically review developments of other researchers and build on these developments to improve the practice of medical physics. All graduates should demonstrate mastery of the material required for the American Board of Radiology certification examinations.

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