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Diet and Nutrition

The connection between nutrition and cancer is significant. As a resource for our patients, VCU Health and Massey registered dietitian Allie Farley will provide nutrition tips and information on the role diet plays in cancer - from prevention to treatment to staying healthy as a survivor. 

Meet Allie

Hi and welcome! My name is Allie Farley and I am working at Massey Cancer Center with their Integrative Health Team as their outreach dietitian. I will be blogging about hot nutrition topics, teaching classes, working with support groups, posting recipes and much more! First I would like to share with you a little about ME!

I am originally from West Virginia and moved to Richmond, Virginia the beginning of 2018. I received my undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition and Foods from West Virginia University and completed an internship, as well as, my Master’s degree in Dietetics from Marshall University. I have be practicing as a dietitian since 2010. I am a knowledge seeker and love to continue to learn new things especially in the field of nutrition and healthy living. I am excited to be working with a wonderful group of people who are all making such a difference for so many individuals and their families.


Please check this page regularly for helpful blogs, recipes and more courtesy of Allie!

Allie is available to speak about nutrition and cancer at community events, support groups and more. Send your event requests to

View her upcoming appearance schedule below:

Tricycle Urban Ag Farm Stand
Every Thursday, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at North Hospital 

Don't miss a recipe tasting at the Farm Stand on Thursday, July 5!


Eat the Rainbow

What does it mean to “Eat the Rainbow”? A balanced diet should include a variety of colorful plant-based foods rich in phytochemicals. Phytochemicals, also referred to as phytonutrients, are substances that give plant-based foods not only their color but flavor and texture as well. 

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Recipe corner: Summer vegetable chicken and yogurt berry popsicles

Whether you need an idea for a quick, healthy dinner or a fun, wholesome snack to cool down with, these recipes are sure to help you welcome the summer months.

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Should I avoid sugar in my diet? Does sugar feed cancer?

Most people associate the term “sugar” with white sugar. However, sugar can be found in our diets in two different forms, natural and refined. 

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Recipe: Cooking with radishes

Research suggests radishes may help decrease inflammation and cancerous tumor growth, possibly offering protection from heart disease and certain cancers.

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Recipe: Turnip salad and cake balls

Carrots and turnips can play an important role in a healthy diet. A plant-based diet including these vegetables may lower not only certain cancer risks but risk for other chronic diseases as well.

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Recipe: Kale carrot soup and blueberry kale smoothies

Kale is a popular superfood. Research shows that this nutritious leafy vegetable may reduce the risk of bladder, breast, colorectal, ovarian and prostate cancers. Kale also lowers the risk of chronic inflammation.

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Massey does not endorse all integrative and complementary practices. We only recommend those that are known to be safe and have the potential to improve health when used alongside, and never in place of, professional medical care. All cancer patients are advised to consult with their physician before starting any integrative practice, as some may interfere with medical care.