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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Why support Massey

VCU Massey Cancer Center relies on your support to pursue promising discoveries and ensure our physicians and researchers have the tools they need to deliver the best patient care backed by the latest research.

As a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center, Massey is among the top four percent of all cancer centers in the U.S. We are truly helping lead and shape the nation’s fight against cancer, but we can’t continue our progress without your help. Your contributions will help us:

  • Expand access to Massey’s expertise in cancer prevention, treatment and clinical trials throughout Virginia
  • Recruit and retain leading scientists and physicians who will pursue promising research and translate discoveries into new, better treatments
  • Provide our growing faculty with technologically advanced and efficiently designed research facilities, to most effectively foster collaboration and progress
  • Expand the number and geographic reach of clinical trials created and offered at Massey in order to accelerate the time it takes to turn research into new treatments and prevention practices.
  • Build upon our unique position of providing for the underserved population.

We invite you to read our latest Philanthropic Review to see how contributions from the community are invested in progress against cancer.

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