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VCU Massey Cancer Center



Visual consistency is important in building a brand. The Massey identity mark (logo) and its elements may not be modified. Elements include font and colors, as well as the scale and proportions of the logo. The Massey identity mark consists of the “burst” graphical element, the “Massey Cancer Center” typography and the VCU master brand mark, which includes the “VCU” typography and “seal”. The typography used in Massey’s identity mark is Univers (a sans serif font) and Weis (a serif font).

Before using the Massey identity mark, please carefully review the Massey identity manual and Graphic element guide for comprehensive logo usage guidelines, and contact the Communications Office at Massey for further assistance. 

The primary Massey logo is known as the vertical identity mark.

Massey color vertical logo

A secondary Massey logo, which is known as the horizontal identity mark, is available for use when space does not allow for the primary logo to be used.

Massey color horizontal logo .png

Other variations of the logo may be used in special cases and on very select items to accommodate size, space and/or production restrictions and specifications, such as the “simple seal identity mark” for embroidery and the “word mark,” which is in Univers 57 condensed font. Please contact the Communications Office for approval to use these limited-use logo versions.

Massey's restricted identity

Both the primary (vertical) and secondary (horizontal) logos are available below to download in the following color versions to serve varying needs: four color (preferred), color reverse, black, gold and white. These files are provided in both png and eps format to accommodate low- and high-resolution usage. Contact the Communications Office if you need additional file format types, such as TIFF or JPEG.

PNG files (for everyday, lower-resolution needs, such as MS Office documents, Web pages and e-mail)

EPS files (for higher-resolution needs, such as large-format pieces like posters, promotional items like pens and professional print collateral like brochures)

For assistance accessing information related to our programs, please contact John Wallace.