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Massey director awarded $3.2M to inform the development of novel therapies for blood disorders

VCU Massey Cancer Center Director Gordon Ginder, M.D., was awarded more than $3 million in grant funding from the National Cancer Institute to facilitate the development of novel therapies for multiple blood disorders, which could provide insights for the future treatment of hematologic cancers. 

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Samantha Harris to keynote Women & Wellness Signature Breakfast and Luncheon

Women & Wellness speaker Samantha Harris

VCU Massey Cancer Center will welcome Samantha Harris as keynote speaker at the 24thAnnual Women & Wellness Breakfast and Luncheon on Tuesday, Feb. 5, at The Jefferson Hotel.

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Massey biologist studies role of lipids in the development of lung cancer and resistance to chemotherapy

VCU Massey Cancer Center researcher Santiago Lima, Ph.D., studies the role of lipids in the development of lung cancer in an effort to minimize tumor resistance to drugs and improve patient outcomes. Lima is interested in understanding the molecular and metabolic changes that occur in normal cells as they are transforming into cancer cells. He studies how a specific class of lipids, called glycosphingolipids, change during the development of cancer cells and how these changes might lead to cancers becoming resistant to standard chemotherapies.

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Recipe corner: butternut squash

As we transition from summer to fall so does our seasonal produce. During the summer we get to enjoy zucchini and yellow squash. Now that fall has arrived, we can enjoy butternut squash. This wonderful squash can provide us with many nutrients and health benefits. Just to name a few, butternut squash is a good source of fiber, potassium and vitamins A, C and B6.


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Massey's director of gynecologic oncology provides framework for addressing gynecologic cancer disparities

In a paper published in Gynecologic Oncology, Sarah Temkin, M.D., director of gynecologic oncology and member of the Developmental Therapeutics research program at VCU Massey Cancer Center, outlined the health disparities that currently exist among several populations of women diagnosed with gynecologic cancers and conceived a framework for how to reduce these inequities moving forward.

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