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Living with cancer

A new diagnosis of cancer can be a disorienting shock to the system. It is common for patients and caregivers to feel overwhelmed, confused or angry. A diagnosis is a call to action, however. The challenge is to overcome feelings of powerlessness by taking small, clearly defined steps toward a goal you set for yourself. For many, those first few steps include learning about your disease, treatment options and the medical experts who are best qualified to treat your particular type of cancer. This knowledge helps patients cope with the realities they face.

More than half of the patients with cancer today will be cured, but getting the proper treatment early is crucial. What is the proper treatment for you? Who is the best specialist for your disease? Should you join a clinical trial, if one is open to you? What support systems should you put in place?

As with most things in life, good planning increases the likelihood of achieving desired results. Taking the time to get your questions answered and to plan your response to a diagnosis of cancer will improve your chances for an optimal outcome. 

A core objective of this Web resource is to provide the information you need to start asking the right questions and build your plan. This particular section of the Massey Web site is intended to help you deal with many of the practical, everyday aspects of survivorship. 

One of the issues patients face while dealing with cancer is isolation, and finding new ways to stay in touch with friends and family. To help address this need, we offer a free service for you to easily create your own Web page. We encourage you to take advantage of the CarePages service, which is a convenient and private way for you and your family and friends to stay connected.

We hope this information is helpful and we appreciate your interest in VCU Massey Cancer Center.