Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU Massey Cancer Center

Massey Cancer Center Information System

The Massey Cancer Center Information System (MCCIS) is a cancer- and palliative care-specific data warehouse populated from detailed hospital and physicians’ billing claims, routinely linked with pharmacy data, IDX arrived visits, the hospital cancer registry and the bone marrow transplant databases. These claims differ from the billing data maintained in the Universal Data Store (UDS) in that they include expanded, detailed patient encounter and charge level information. These data are linked with other sources, permitting longitudinal analyses of diagnoses, treatments and outcomes. Data from the UDS are queried and combined with MCCIS data for specific analyses that support clinical and other economic research studies (e.g., palliative care). The MCCIS and linked data serve as an important base for providing non-clinical information used for sample size estimates, cohort discovery and other annotation work performed by Cancer Research Informatics Services personnel.