VCU Massey Cancer Center


Facilities and equipment


All DNA-based procedures, as well as protein expression in insect and mammalian cells are carried out on the sixth floor of Sanger Hall in two adjacent laboratories (~900 ft2), with a 150 ft2 cell culture facility and a 100 ft2 office adjoining the laboratories. Recombinant virus is produced in ~900 ft2 of dedicated, limited-access tissue culture and wet laboratory space in close proximity to the molecular biology laboratories. All molecular biology work associated with viral vector production, including plasmid cloning and DNA analyses is carried out in the Sanger Hall molecular biology laboratory. Protein production using bacterial systems is carried out in Biotech One in Dr. Peterson’s protein purification laboratory


Walk-up equipment includes:

  • The Typhoon 9410 (right), a highly sensitive phosphoimaging system
  •  Alpha-Innotech Fluorochem SP’s (not pictured), are distributed through VCU Massey Cancer Center space as walk-up instruments
  • Bio-Rad VersaDoc 4000 gel documentation systems

 Protein expression and purification equipment includes:

  •  BioFlo 4500 (right) - fully automated, 30 liter capacity
  • Two BioFlo 110 cell culture systems (not pictured) for insect and mammalian culture

All instruments are maintained and operated by the Biological Macromolecule Shared Resource staff, and are available for use by Massey and VCU investigators and their staff with appropriate training.

These instruments were purchased using funds awarded to VCU Massey Cancer Center by the State of Virginia Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund.