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The mission of the Analytic Services Office is to consult with and provide data to VCU Massey Cancer Center research members and their research teams, clinicians and administrators who seek information about Massey’s patients and their treatments, or characteristics of the population areas served by Massey. We provide information about available data and can advise about how the data may be used to answer research, operational and administrative questions. Analytic products may include data reports, analytic findings and interpretation or custom-created analysis datasets for further research. Our output is essential to managing the oncology service line and Cancer Center Support Grants, determining the feasibility of clinical research projects and producing custom datasets for health services research.


We have developed an integrated data system for Massey – Massey Data Analysis System (MDAS) – that incorporates data from several sources across VCU Health System (VCUHS) and beyond, including:

  • VCUHS hospital, physician and pharmacy billing claims data
  • VCUHS cancer registry data
  • VCUHS BMT registry data
  • VCUHS IDX visits data
  • Social Security Death Index data
  • US Census Population data 
  • Virginia inpatient admits data

MDAS is a comprehensive historic repository of data specific to cancer and oncology patients or patients seen by Massey oncology specialists. For patients of interest, all encounters across time are captured and integrated (not solely encounters that indicate a cancer diagnosis). In a future development phase, a portal will be made available on the Massey intranet, allowing for users to run queries and retrieve basic patient statistics – check back later for this feature.


To contact the Analytic Services Office or to ask about data products or services, e-mail:

Analytic Services Office

VMI building– fourth floor