VCU Massey Cancer Center


Junius Hayes

After working three decades to bring about scientific and technological advances through jobs at NASA and the Department of Energy, Junius was presented with the opportunity to become the first patient in the United States to participate in a clinical trial at Massey testing a new radiation device for the treatment of prostate cancer. He jumped at the chance when he learned that the device was made of materials that he helped develop for other applications. After eight weeks of radiation with the device, Junius received a clean bill of health and feels better than ever. "If I’m able to help advance science in any way, then I’m thrilled to have participated."

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Linda Powell Pruitt

"I have learned on my [cancer] journey that you need fierce doctors who are passionate in their desire to cure your cancer. And Massey is full of fierce doctors. That’s why my friends and colleagues were able to tell me that the best place for my diagnosis was literally just down the street."

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Ida McCutchen

"I was treated like a queen at Massey. I was treated like family. I couldn’t have gone to a better place."

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