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Directory of palliative care programs and services

Palliative care consult service: Telepage at 828-0951 from within the VCU Medical Center and ask for the palliative care physician on call.

The Thomas Palliative Care Unit: main desk at (804) 628-1295

Supportive care clinic: appointment desk at (804) 828-7999

Virginia Initiative for Palliative Care: Carrie Cybulski at (804) 628-1918

Palliative Care Leadership Center: Carrie Cybulski at (804) 628-1918

Advanced Palliative Care Nursing Externship: Carrie Cybulski at (804) 628-1918

Hospice and Palliative Care Fellowship programVictoria Mansfield at (804) 628-5016

Directory of palliative care team members

Palliative care is interdisciplinary by nature, incorporating the expertise of nurses, social workers, pharmacists, physicians, chaplains, specialized psychologists, occupational and physical therapists and others to provide a comprehensive solution to patient needs.

Leadership team

Del Fabbro, Egidio, M.D.
Medical director

Coyne, Patrick, M.S.N., A.P.R.N., F.A.A.N.
Clinical director

Wiencek, Clareen, Ph.D., C.N.P., A.C.H.P.N.
Nurse manager of the Thomas Palliative Care Unit

Clinical and research team

Bobb, Bart, A.P.N.
Advanced practice nurse

Bowman, Mary Elizabeth, CNP
Certified nurse practitioner

Cassel, Brian, Ph.D.
Palliative care researcher

Coyne, Ellie
Volunteer coordinator

Cybulski, Carrie
Virginia Initiative for Palliative Care program coordinator

Denick, Cheryl, M.D., J.D.

Fleming, Suzanne
Occupational therapist

Fletcher, Devon, M.D.

Fletcher, James, M.D.

Kamani, Aziza, M.D.

Noreika, Danielle, M.D.

Pahuja, Meera, M.D.

Rauenzahn, Sherri, M.D.

Swainey, Craig, M.D. 
Assistant professor

Tatu, William, D.P.T.
Physical therapist