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Novel combination therapy developed at Massey shows strong response in patients with advanced solid tumors

A phase 1 clinical trial testing a novel combination therapy developed by scientists at VCU Massey Cancer Center slowed the growth of cancer in the majority of trial participants, which were patients with advanced solid tumors. Approximately 61 percent of these patients experienced some degree of tumor growth delay, with multiple partial responses and one complete response. A phase 2 study testing the same combination of the drugs sorafenib and pemetrexed in patients with recurrent or metastatic triple negative breast cancer is now open at Massey. 

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Integrative health recipe corner: split pea soup & whole-grain quick bread

This month’s recipes continue in the same vein as last month’s: they both “fit the bill” when it comes to adding fiber-rich foods to your diet. The split pea soup recipe also incorporates some vegetables into the dish, and a slice of the seeded whole grain quick bread can meet one of your daily servings for whole grains recommended by American Institute for Cancer Research.

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VCU Massey researchers encouraged by Vice President Biden’s $70 million Genomics Data Commons project

Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Massey Cancer Center were in attendance at the American Society for Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting in Chicago when Vice President Joe Biden announced that more than $70 million would be invested in the development of the Genomics Data Commons (GDC), an information center housed at the University of Chicago and funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to help facilitate the sharing of genomic and clinical data among cancer researchers in order to advance personalized medicine.

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Bernard Fuemmeler named Massey’s associate director for cancer prevention and control

VCU Massey Cancer Center welcomes Bernard Fuemmeler, Ph.D., M.P.H., as the associate director for cancer prevention and control. A clinical health psychologist and epidemiologist, he joined the VCU School of Medicine as a professor in the Department of Health Behavior and Policy in June 2016. 

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Two clinical trials test novel combination therapies for brain and central nervous system cancers

Paul Dent for blog

Researchers at VCU Massey Cancer Center are conducting two clinical trials testing novel combination therapies for the treatment of brain and central nervous system cancers. The phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials are both based on translational research performed at Massey by Paul Dent, Ph.D., Universal Corporation Chair in Cancer Cell Signaling and member of the Cancer Cell Signaling research program at VCU Massey as well as professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at VCU School of Medicine. 

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