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Daily Bread by Marie D. Carter

Daily Bread 

Made with love is how one might characterize Marie Carter’s recently published cookbook, Daily Bread. The collection of recipes is a tribute to Marie’s mother and the many others who cope and have coped with a cancer diagnosis. Influenced by her French Canadian heritage, Marie’s cooking style blends simple but deeply satisfying meals with memories of the warm the hospitality her mother created in a loving home that will continue to inspire others.

Marie Carter lovingly crafted the book for more than fifteen years after the loss of her mother. While serving several roles in her family as wife and mother of four, Carter is now a recently retired lawyer and has finally seen her dream realized.

The cookbook pairs quotes and more than 365 recipes that have been lovingly tested by friends and family throughout the years.

Daily Bread is a tribute to Carter’s mother who passed away after several battles with cancer. Carter is able to make a donation of $350 to support cancer research at VCU Massey Cancer Center in memory of Marie Gravel Dempsey.