Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU Massey Cancer Center

Funding innovative programs

Collaborative, patient-centered research is the core of Massey Cancer Center’s mission. Organized around five scientific programs, our research is based on the philosophy that knowledge and ideas are strengthened when shared and cross-utilized. Progress depends on targeting and pursuing the most promising research and translating it quickly into new methods of patient care.

Research for Life will:

  • Fund the development of six new Massey investigator-initiated Phase I and II clinical trials annually—a 50% increase of such trials.
  • Ensure adequate resources for all five core research programs, resulting in a 30-50% increase in national grant funds awarded to Massey researchers.
  • Establish unique award and incentive programs to encourage new interdisciplinary collaborations, increasing discoveries and creating new therapeutic as well as prevention and control trials.
  • Continue the rapid expansion of our network of clinical trials affiliates throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Build upon our unique opportunity to include the underserved and rural populations in clinical and prevention and control research.
  • Establish an environment where groundbreaking science meets the patients who need it most, as quickly as possible