Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU Massey Cancer Center

The Glasgow Incentive

A unique opportunity to leverage your investment.

A generous bequest to VCU from Margaret Branch and Arthur Graham Glasgow is giving Massey the opportunity to significantly grow our endowment—the foundation of our ability to fund Massey’s mission in perpetuity. Investments of $500,000 or more for endowment will allow funds to be drawn from the Glasgow Trusts in a matching amount, to be used for the same endowment—essentially doubling the donor’s gift and its intended impact. The incentive will be active until the $25 million designated for Massey through the Glasgow Trusts has been fully committed as matching funds for endowment gifts.

You are invited to learn more about doubling your gift through the Glasgow Incentive by calling Carrie Bickford at (804) 827-0652.