VCU Massey Cancer Center


Leadership in the Community

The Community Advisory Board advises and assists VCU Massey Cancer Center and its director in carrying out the Center’s mission of improving the quality of life through the prevention, control and cure of cancer as a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center. 

The board is dedicated to educating the public about cancer research and prevention, as well as the respective clinical services Massey provides through its multidisciplinary team approach. Board members work to secure Massey’s future by leading fundraising efforts that support Massey’s strategic priorities. Members act as advocates for Massey in the community and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.


2016-2017 Community Advisory Board members

Officers of the Board

George Emerson, Jr., Chair

David A. Lyons, Vice Chair

Patricia Merrill, Vice chair

Pamela Kiecker Royall, Immediate Past Chair


Board Members

Ralph H.B. Anderson, DDS., M.S.

Shelly E. Arthur

Catherine Bayliss

Susan Benson

Mary D. Bliley

Jean Ann Bolling

Joanna A. Brennan

J. Alfred Broaddus

Judy S. Brown

Mandy D. Burnette

Charles L. Cabell

Jill Thalhimer Campbell

Theodore L. Chandler, Jr.

Judith T. Clough

David S. Cohn

John R. Congdon, Jr.

Paul W. Croston

Wesley I. Crowder

Julia B. Curtis

Erika T. Davis

Melvin L. Davis, Jr.

Lila H. Dickinson

Bromby Luck Earle

Matthew J. Ernst

Kathryn Funk

Corinne Garland

Cheryl Goddard

Bea González

Ann Parker Gottwald

L. Michael Gracik, Jr.

Theodore S. Hanson

Terrell Luck Harrigan

Elizabeth S. Hart

Karen D. Higgins

Charles T. Hill

R. Edward Houck

Cecelia S. Howell

Olin V. Hyde

Mark Johnson

Stanley Knight Joynes, III

Linwood A. Lacy, Jr.

Jarold D. Langley

Betty Sue Grandis LePage

James Ludwig

Rebecca C. Massey

A. Travis Massey

James Scott Merritt III

Henry R. Miller, IV

David Mills

Julian T. Ottley

Catherine S. Plotkin

Martha Orr Proutt

Anne J. Rhodes

Karen Rose

Helen Ryan

E. Lee Showalter

Lisa Sims

Susan Sisisky

Levar Stoney

Elizabeth H. Thornton

Judy Harris Turbeville

Chanda Wallace

Anne Marie Whittemore

Robert G. Whitten

Amy McDaniel Williams

Emeritus members

 Emeritus Members

William G. Broaddus, Esquire

Charles F. Crone

James E. Farnham, Esquire

Alice T. Goodwin

Jeanette S. Lipman

Bertha C. Rolfe

E. Morgan Massey

Adrienne L. Maxwell

Matthew G. Thompson

Lifetime members

Verna W. Seidensticker*

Ex-officio – organizational members

Ex-Officio Members

Michelle Logan - Chair, 2017 Women & Wellness Forum Series Luncheon

Elizabeth Minter - President, Massey Alliance

Abbey Withrow - President-elect, Massey Alliance

2016-2017 Massey Alliance Board Members

2016-2017 Massey Alliance Board Officers 

Elizabeth Minter, President

Abbey Withrow, President Elect

Mike Gray, Immediate Past President

Lisa Kurczewski, Outreach Chair

Meg Irvin, Communications Chair

Ryan Gabriel, M.D., Fundraising Chair

Sarah Jenks, Education Chair

Conor Ashby and Anny Irons, Co-Membership Development Chairs

Margot McDonald, Secretary


2016-2017 Massey Alliance Board Members

Conor Ashby

Katie Barbour

Victoria Brock

Jay Carpenter

Tomeka Carroll

Nicholas S. DeVita

Leanne Ferry

Ryan Gabriel

Mike Gray

Ashley Helms

Anny Irons

Megan Irvin

Kimberly Jackson

Sarah Boykin Jenks

Lisa Kurczewski

Cambridge Lestienne

Philip Vance Matthews

Darren Mazzoni

Margot Adams McDonald

William McGoogan

Elizabeth Minter

Clint A. Nichols

Lindsay Paladino

Brantley Blair Scott

Nicholas Jack Shedd

Haley Swaney

Christina Todd

Steven A. Valdez

Thomas Warthen

Abigail Withrow 

Michelle Adcock
, Massey Cancer Center Development Board Liaison

Lauren Kiger, Massey Cancer Center Development Events Liaison