VCU Massey Cancer Center


Advanced research training

VCU Massey Cancer Center offers postdoctoral training in cancer biology, cancer and molecular medicine and pre- and postdoctoral training in radiation oncology translational research. The objective of our training programs is to provide an integrated educational experience that prepares fellows for successful independent research careers. One unique feature of these training programs is the emphasis on basic research within the context of existing interdisciplinary research programs integrated through Massey Cancer Center, which include: Cancer Cell Signaling, Cancer Molecular Genetics, Cancer Prevention and Control, Developmental Therapeutics, and Radiation Biology and Oncology.

Additionally, Massey provides postdoctoral training in cancer prevention and control research.  Funded by the National Institutes of Health, this two-year program offers salaries and research seed money while preparing fellows for an academic career in research aimed at evaluating cancer communication and decision making, cancer health care economics, cancer survivorship and other related topics.

In 2015, Massey introduced a new program which offers cancer research postdoctoral fellowships to promising scientists and physician scientists who have the potential to become productive, independent cancer research investigators and successfully compete for peer reviewed extramural funding.