VCU Massey Cancer Center


Grant supports Massey brain cancer collaboration

VCU Massey Cancer Center Investigator Devanand Sarkar, M.B.B.S., Ph.D., VCU Department of Human and Molecular Genetics and VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine was recently awarded a five-year grant totaling $450,000 by the James S. McDonnell Foundation to analyze a gene linked to brain cancer. The foundation awards grants via a highly-selective, peer-review process that seeks out innovative scientific research with real-world applications.

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New link found between inflammation and cancer

Massey Cancer Center researchers have uncovered a new link between chronic inflammation and cancer. Although cancers don't always cause inflammation, chronic inflammation is known to help tumor cells grow. In an article published in the recent June issue of Nature, VCU Massey scientists Sarah Spiegel, Ph.D., and Tomasz Kordula, Ph.D., and their co-authors examine how sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P), a lipid mediator in the blood that influences immune cell circulation, also regulates inflammation and cancer. They reported that S1P is a missing cofactor that is required for the activity of TRAF2, the key regulator of NF-kappaB, which acts as a master on-off switch in controlling inflammation and cancer.

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